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"Awesome Website!"

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"Amazing! Brilliant! Classic, modern, simple, elegant!!!! I love it!"

"Thanks Chris West! Looks Great!"

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"Thanks Chris. Love your work!"

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"Finding a reliable and consistent partner in design & development is hard & your insights and work have proven themselves to be of great value."

– Kristina Saric
CEO Vision Quest

"Everything is going great! I haven’t had any hiccups (yet!) - all very user friendly. I have had such positive feedback from so many people about the new site too, it is everything I wanted it to be, so thank you!"

– Toni Coward

"Hey Chris, Thanks for everything. Something must have worked 'cause we've had a couple of inquiries every day the last few days!"

"A huge big massive thank you to Chris West for helping us to accomplish this mammoth of a website task. This man has the know, and is so speedy in his delivery. And he has the biggest heart and will always go the extra mile to help his clients out. 🙂 "

– Filipa Bellette

"Really pleased with the contacts from the first week. I have just answered x 6 enquiries. Most weeks previous were probably x 1 per x2 week period. Thanks and great work!"

– Tom Triffit

"Great Website! Handy advice on there. 🙂 "

– Daria Lockwood

"Great Website Chris"

– Richard Barns

"Love the website!"

– Denise Lockart

"Great Service! So good that it's local!"

– Ann Hodgkinson

What We Can Help You With…


  • Desktops, Laptops, Custom Builds
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Speed Up Your System
  • New Computer Setup
  • Diagnosis & Parts Replacement

Wifi / Internet

  • New Network Setup
  • Troubleshooting Slow Networks
  • Connecting New Devices
  • Setting Up Social Media
  • Building Your Own Website


  • Printer Setup (Wired & Wireless)
  • Printing From Your Mobile or Tablet
  • Purchasing The Right Printer For Your Needs
  • Troubleshooting


  • All Brands Supported
  • New Device Setup & Training
  • Apps & Software Suggestions
  • Connectivity & Networking
  • Productivity Tips
  • Syncing Your Devices


  • Synchronising Images Across Devices
  • Backing Up To The Cloud
  • Sharing To Social Media
  • Storage & Security
  • Editing Software Suggestions

Privacy & Security

  • Protecting Your Identity
  • Social Media Security Settings (Facebook/Twitter etc)
  • Simple & Secure Password Storage


  • All Brands Supported
  • New Device Setup & Training
  • Minimising Your Bills
  • Syncing Your Devices
  • Pairing Bluetooth
  • Data Recovery


  • Email Setup & Training
  • Configuring Email On Multiple Devices
  • Backup & Security
  • Migration From One Provider To Another

Backup / Recovery

Setting Up Drive / Dropbox / One for Remote Backups of Your Most Valuable Files

We’ll attempt to recover lost, missing, corrupt or accidentally deleted files from your system

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