Totally Transparent Tech Support Services

We Bill In 1/2 Hour Blocks

… With a minimum of 1 hour. 

By having a 1 hour minimum, we can get to your home or office without charging for travel time. We provide a level of service that’s tough to beat and all our work is backed by our CWest.Tech Guarantee.

We charge $39 per 1/2 hour with a minimum of 1 hour.  So, on any regular call out the minimum charge will be $78.  Most tech issues can be resolved within the hour but if more time is required you’ll be given plenty if time and info to make an informed decision if you want the work to continue.  We’re completely transparent and up front with all our work.

We Don’t Charge For Travel Time

Our one hour minimum saves you money.

Our office is based in Devonport Tasmania and we provide services all along the North & North/West Coast. We’ll even travel to Launceston or Hobart if the need arises!

Remote access solutions are also available for many services. So if you’re in need of quick support and live even further away don’t hesitate to contact us.

Same Day Service Available

If there’s an emergency, we offer a Same Day Service as a premium. ($39)

The same day service lets us be on call 7 days a week, including holidays. Being on standby means we’ll drop everything and come to rescue you in your time of need.  Time is money, as they say… so this convenience costs a bit extra.

If you don’t need us today, we can usually come by the next business day at no extra charge to you. 🙂

Service Areas

We’re based in Devonport on the North West Coast of Tasmania but we travel all the time.

While most of our clients reside in the local community, we travel all around the state and even do remote access for users on the mainland and overseas!

If you’re wondering if we can help you in some way, just get in touch and we can discuss a solution to suit your needs.

Many tech support problems can be resolved within an hour, so here are a few things we can do to help with any extra time:
  • Optimise Startup & Shutdown
  • Clean Up Quick Launch & Task Bar
  • Speed Up Your Browser
  • Check for & Remove Spyware/Viruses/Malware
  • Check for Operating System Updates
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Encrypt Your Passwords
  • Backup Your Data
  • Check Your Wireless Security
  • Free Up Space On Your Drive
  • Perform Software Updates
  • Organise Your Email Inbox
  • Improve Battery Life On Laptops/Tablets/Phones
  • Answer Your Questions & Concerns!

Web Design & Marketing Projects

Web design & marketing projects are quoted on a case by case basis.  To give you a rough idea, a basic 2-3 page site might be around $500 whereas a design similar to this site would be approximately $2000.  Shopping cart sites start at $2500 and additional software setup and integration is extra (ie, mailing list setup and config).  I can provide basic hosting or recommend some good alternatives.  I can do most things like blogs, forums, sales pages and lead capture funnels etc.  Just get in touch to discuss your needs and we can see which bits I’m best suited to help you with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if my computer is broken and can’t be fixed? 

Sometimes computers get broken and can’t be fixed economically.  If we find that this is the case then we’ll let you know as soon as possible so the rest of the time can be spent helping you back up your data if possible, and advising on a new computer or device to suit your needs.  Don’t forget to get us back to help restore your backup when you get your new machine! (or maybe even ask us to build you one!)

What happens if a repair takes less than an hour? 

We do our best to make sure any repairs are completed in less than an hour, and often they are.  So, we encourage our customers to make the best use of the time by having us perform additional tasks like check for viruses and speed up your system.  See the checklist above for some ideas!

What if I’m not happy with your service? 

We’ve spent the majority of our careers in technical customer service roles so hopefully we’ve learned a thing or two about making sure our customers are happy!  However, in the unlikely event that there’s an issue with some aspect of our support, please get in touch with us. We take pride in offering affordable, effective and friendly technical solutions for everybody.  Please let us know so we can make it right.

What if you don’t know the answer to my computer problem? 

It happens. Nobody knows everything and sometimes a problem stumps even the biggest computer nerd.  If this happens to us, then we’ll stop the clock while we brush up on our knowledge before coming back to you with an answer.  In the rare case where we absolutely can’t crack the issue, we’ll find someone who can!  But we won’t leave you until there’s a solution.  When this happens, you still get the solution and we learn a lesson… everybody wins.

Can all computer problems be fixed on the spot? 

Not all, but most. We’ve found that it’s rare that a computer issue can’t be resolved quickly and in your home or business, but if there’s an issue that would be more conveniently fixed in another location then we’ll let you know and give you a solid estimate of the repair time. Usually, it’s for the simple reason that more tools/equipment are required to test or replace a part than is available on a mobile call-out. Speedy service is our goal in these cases.

Call Now To Get An Estimate: 0404155355 or Let Us Call You Back!